All About Minecraft Mods

With the increase in popularity of game creators and many users creates different types of mods to play the game which provide a better gaming experience to the players.These mods are based upon the different type of themes and to increase the gaming features of the game, like in some mods you can have an arena to fight with mobs, you can have a huge amount of different type of maps which have different environments.There are many types of mods on the internet for Minecraft which can be downloaded and installed in the game and enjoyed. Some examples are Tumbleweed Mod, Inventory Power Mod, Minecolonies Mod etc.

Top Minecraft Mods

From many Minecraft mods  Optifine, Just Enough Items, Biomes O Plenty Minecraft Mod and Storage Drawers Mods are the famous one among Minecraft players.The Optifine Mod makes gameplay smoother and adds some more customization features in the game like while doing changes in the video settings it will tell you that what changes can make the game slow and fast and also give in-depth information about each change as shown in the image.

Another one is Just Enough Items Mod which wants you to know all the craft recipes and provides an easy way to craft things.This mode is more helpful when you require crafting a thing which requires multiple steps then this mod provides you an easy way to do that.The third one is Biomes O Plenty Minecraft Mod which is really nice for the players who likes to explore different biomes of the game adds up to 100 Minecraft mines in the game.Lavender fields, outback, brushlands and much more are there in this mode.Another one is Storage Drawers Mod in which you can store your inventory items in drawers.Something that makes this mod better is that you can see pictures of stored items on drawers.There are many types of drawers like single double and quadruple.You can also decorate your drawers in this mod.

Finding Servers And Connecting To Minecraft

So many servers are there in Minecraft which allows you to play with other players and your friends.To find servers in Minecraft click on multiplayer in the main menu make sure your internet is connected.

After clicking you will find lists of different servers there.After that click on add server and server name and server address

After that, you will be ready to join that server.Then select the server which you have named and click to join.Now enjoy the game with other players.

Minecraft Texture Packs

Texture packs are used in Minecraft to increase the graphics quality of the game and gives you an entirely new customizable package of the game.Adding texture packs helps you to interact with the game more easily and it provides you the entirely new gaming experience of Minecraft.There are so many Minecraft textures which are available on the internet.Top Minecraft textures which you definitely need to download are Firewolf Resource Pack, R3D Craft 128px Pack, Real Nature Resource Pack, Faithful 1.10 Pack etc.These texture packs provide you variety of texture for stones, blocks, doors, and environment to construct.

To install a texture pack in the game you need to follow few steps.First download the textures from internet sites like Planetminecraft, Minecraftsix. After downloading start your game and click on the options button.Then click on resource packs and then click on open resource pack folder.After doing that a window will pop out from where you can select the downloaded resource pack.Ater that you can find your texture pack in game.

Select it and then click on done.Your game texture is now changed and you can enjoy your new texture.

Minecraft Maps

There are thousands of Minecraft maps available to enjoy.There are so many types of maps like survival maps, adventure maps, puzzle maps, creation maps etc.These maps make the exploring mode more creative and interesting for you.Some top Minecraft maps are Scary Blocks, Unseen Forces, Elytra Fall and The Heist.The Scary Block is a map for the players who love creepy and ghosty things.It’s a kind of puzzle map in which you will find creative mechanisms too.Unseen Forces is a survival based map in which you have to survive waves of the mob attacking you.With each passing wave, you can unlock different abilities to survive.Elytra Fall is a map where you can test your flying skills.It consists of 16 tunnels to fly.You can play this map as singleplayer and multiplayer.The Heist is the map in which you have to steal different things from high-security area which includes laser pathways, security cameras, and much more stuff.You are also equipped with some good abilities to tackle different situations during stealing.

To install different maps you need to follow the given steps.First download maps from internet sites like Planetminecraft, Minecraftsix.After downloading go to my computer or to any folder.Then type %APPDATA% in the upper address column as shown.

Then you will find Minecraft folder in that folder open saves folder and copy whole downloaded map folder in it.

You are now ready to use your new map.

Run the game and select the map you have downloaded and enjoyed it.

Installing Modinstaller And Using Them

Mod installers are used in Minecraft to automatically install mods in the game.With these installers, you don’t need to go through different processes to play different mods. The most common mod installer is Forge.To install it you need to follow a bunch of steps.First, go to to download it.After downloading it go to any folder and type %APPDATA% in address column.After that find Minecraft folder and open it.Make a folder there name it mods.

Inside this folder copy your downloaded forge software and install it.After that open your Minecraft launcher. And click on the arrow as shown with the play button and select forge from there.

After selecting you can click on play.Inside game now you can see a mods button also which is used to get different types of mods playing and enjoying.

Links for Modinstaller for MinecraftModss finding servers for texture packs installation Minecraft maps