Animani Maud will add a large number of new animals and completely change the old ones.
Now every biome will have its own kind of animals and they will have their own coloring. To receive resources from animals, you will have to take care of them, and for some animals you will need your own conditions, for example, for pigs a mud pit will be needed. Maud is still in beta testing.

Download here


The mod also adds a trough (feeder), you can pour food or water into it and the animals will eat from there.
To make it is not difficult, you will need 4 boards, 2 sticks, 1 iron, craft under the spoiler below.


There are 5 Chicken Breeds in Animania. Each has slightly different drops and resources. For instance, the Orpington drops the best meat, while the Wyandotte lays brown eggs, and Leghorns lay eggs the fastest.


Be sure to make them a mud pit and a little pond to dive into!
Favorite food: Slop, Carrots, Beets, Potatoes. Pigs can also graze tall grass.


Hamsters come in many different colors. They love storing the food you give them in their little cheeks and following you around if you have food in your hand! Hamsters can also be tamed by feeding them their favorite food (Hamster Food). Hamsters can sit and wag their tails when tamed.

And many other animals. More information here.

Download here


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