Now cows will become even more useful because they can be knocked out not only meat, but a bunch of different useful things, and even diamonds!

Download here

List of cows:

  • Cobblestone Cow
  • Coal Cow
  • The Iron Cow
  • The Golden Cow
  • Lapis Cow
  • A cow made of red stone (emits particles of red stone)
  • Diamond cow (diamonds fall out!)
  • Emerald Cow
  • Quartz cow (resistance to fire)
  • Cow from the lighthouse (emits light)
  • Obsidian cow (resistance to explosions and fire)
  • Experienced cow (right-click an empty bulb on this cow to get a flask with experience)
  • Halloween cow (magical creature, press the diamond right button on it, drop out the pumpkin)
  • Pink cow (after death drops pink dyes)
  • Sponge-cow (absorbs a certain amount of water)
  • Cunning cow (can open doors, steal and place blocks)
  • Ice cow (sometimes freezes water in ice)
  • Snow Cow



Download here


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